Welcome to Redford Aldersgate United Methodist Church!

We’re glad you found us online and hope we get to meet you in person soon.

Here are a few things you might be wondering about …

What does “One Church in Two Locations” mean?  Since July of 2012, we have become a multi-site church with our church in Redford and another campus in the Brightmoor neighborhood of Detroit.  Both campuses worship and do ministry out of their own buildings, but have become one church family.

What does “all means all” mean? Redford Aldersgate believes that God loves ALL people, and that ALL means ALL.  To be more specific, we believe God loves you no matter your ethnicity, your economics, your sexual orientation or gender identity, your background or anything else.  God loves you and we will too.

What will happen during the worship service?  While each service may differ a bit from the week before, we usually start with singing, announcements and a time of prayer. We finish with a message designed to apply spiritual principles to everyday life.

Is there a difference between the 9:30 am service and the 11:00 am services?  Our 9:30 service at Redford Aldersgate is more traditional, including our chancel choir.  The 11:00 contemporary service is led by our praise band.  Both include a Children’s Moment where the kids are invited up front for a special time on the theme of the day. The Pastor’s message is the same at both services.  At our Brightmoor Campus, there is a blend of both traditional and contemporary elements in the 11 am service.  In the summer we have one service at 10 am at Redford Aldersgate and one service at 11 am in Brightmoor.

How long does worship last?  Worship is usually 60-70 minutes long

What should I wear?   Clothes!! You knew that, though. You will see a wide variety of dress in our congregation, from coat and tie to jeans and t-shirts. At Redford Aldersgate, our 11 am service tends to be more casual. Just come as yourself!

Will there be an offering?  Every week we take up a collection that supports the church’s work both at home and around the world. There is never any pressure to participate in the offering but please know you are more than welcome to participate in the gift of giving if you would like.

What about my kids?  Children are welcome in worship!  During the services at Redford Aldersgate, there is a Children’s Moment following the prayer time, after which kids 5th grade and younger are dismissed to Sunday School.  We also have two “Cry Rooms” in our balcony where families can have some privacy while still being able to see and hear worship. Check here for more on Christian Education.  At the Brightmoor campus, children are welcome in worship at 11 am.

What happens after the service?  People tend to gather in the Fellowship Hall in our basement for coffee.  We do like to eat together, and often have special meals after church.  At our Brightmoor Campus, there is fellowship following worship.

What about Holy Communion?  We usually celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of every month. In the United Methodist tradition communion is open to everyone including children of every age. So if you would like, please plan to participate in the celebration of Jesus’ Last Supper. The Pastor and ushers will provide specific instructions during the service.  Check here for more on Communion

Where do I park and enter Redford Aldersgate?  Is there an accessible entrance?  There is a parking lot that surrounds the building as well as an additional lot across Orangelawn Street. There are a variety of entrances to the building and you can use any of them. The main entrance is actually the back door, which is shown in this photo.  This is also the entrance that is wheelchair and stroller accessible, offering a ramp as well as an elevator.

What if I have a question or want to get more involved?  Please contact the church office at (313) 739 – 3170 and we will be happy to answer any questions or help you get involved in the life of Redford Aldersgate UMC.